Programs may emphasize the development of communications, quantitative reasoning, and business analysis skills.



    3 YEARS


    40 Students

About Course

Bachelor of Business Administration, popularly known as BBA is one of the most sought after and popular bachelor degree programmes after class XII. The 3-year professional Undergraduate course in Business Management open numerous career options in the corporate world. A graduate in this course has the option of exploring numerous job opportunities in a plethora of sectors like management, marketing, education, finance, sales, and government to name just a few.

This course offers knowledge about management and leadership skills, and hones an individual’s talent to enter the business world as entrepreneurs or managers. BBA candidates have an edge over other graduates as the BBA programme prepares them for entering into the real corporate world. During the tenure of the course, candidates get practical exposure, and work on various projects and go on industrial visits etc. Also, the institutes offering BBA programme focus on presentations which make an individual confident of dealing with people in the corporate world. Furthermore, regular interaction with experts from the industry keeps students abreast of what is going around in the world of business and how one needs to handle the situations of crisis.

Fee Structure for BBA

Semester Admn Fee Tuition Fee Fee for other purpose Caution Deposit(Refundable) Fee Payable at the Time of Admission
I SEM 3000 9000 3000 1000 16000
II SEM NIL 9000 1000 NIL 10000
III SEM NIL 9000 2500 NIL 11500
IV SEM NIL 9000 1000 NIL 10000
V SEM NIL 9000 2500 NIL 11500
VI SEM NIL 9000 1000 NIL 10000
Total 69000

Miss. Varna Valsalan

Mob: 8129709174

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