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With the objective of developing a very healthy student – teacher relationship, a tutorial system is functioning in the college. The students can freely discuss all matters related to their study and personal problems with the Tutor during the tutorial sessions held regularly. Making a sincere effort to solve the problems of the students, the tutor gives proper counselling to the students, and plays a very significant role in molding good character and conduct. All representations of the students to the Principal / College office must be submitted through the tutor concerned with specific remarks from the tutor/HOD  

Personal Counselling: Counselling is offered in an unconditional, non-judgmental and confidential manner, to students seeking help with personal & academic difficulties. Guidance is also provided to improve academic performance by reviewing study techniques and time management practices. The centre also serves as a channel for student’s grievances. Parents can also contact the counsellors with regard to any concerns they may have about their wards.
Class wise Counselling: A duration of 2 hours biweekly will be provided to all students in the usual hours of classes.

Life Skills Classes: In a general effort to improve the psycho- social competence of students, Life Skills classes are conducted. These classes provide an open platform for students to share their opinion, understanding and experiences with regard to a variety of issues, which influence their health and well-being. The attempt is to equip them with better skills for adaptive and positive behaviour.

An association functions under each Department in the College and it caters to the all round development of the students that come under it. Department heads are the Directors of the various  Subject Associations

1.  Language-Literary Association
2. Computer Science Association
3. Commerce Association
4. Management Association
5. Psychology Association

Rules and Regulations of the Associations

Student office bearers of the Associations including class representatives shall be nominated on the basis of their academic merits only.
The date of the concerned Association meeting and the agenda there of shall be submitted to the Principal before proceeding further.
The Association Secretary before inviting the speakers shall get permission from the Principal.
    All functions shall be over before 5.00 pm.
Without the permission of the Principal, no news should be released to the press.
The concerned Secretaries should maintain accounts for the expenditure of their meetings and should handover the same to the co-ordinator by the end of the term.
Half the strength shall form the quorum for the meetings. The Association secretaries
should maintain a record of the activities and should handover them to the authorities concerned.
No cultural or excursion programmes are allowed without prior permission of the Principal. All students shall submit the consent of the parents for excursion.