CS1 History & Profile | Trikaripur Arts & Science College, Trikaripur
TASC Trikaripur




It was in 2013, that the Trikaripur Arts & Science College (TASC),Trikaripur was established in this backward coastal tract at Trikaripur, by the enlightened public of Trikaripur and nearby areas under a Trust called Trikaripur Educational and Charitable Trust (TECT). The College obtained recognition from Government of Kerala and affiliation from the Kannur University and the first batch started in the same year, 2013. The establishment of Trikaripur Arts & Science College(TASC),Trikaripur in this backward bicoastal tract was the major task, the society had set before itself and had subsequently accomplished it. The proposed College Campus is approximately 15 acres at Thankayam, very near to Trikaripur town. Its grounds provide a beautiful and peaceful rural haven in the growing urban sprawl.As the growth of the District continues, the importance of green places in our campus should not be underestimated.

We need locations like other International Colleges, as places to unwind and relax. The grounds contain many examples of the more plants and trees. The landscape of the grounds is quite varied and although about half of the area will be occupied by buildings, recreation grounds, roads and paths, they are everywhere will be surrounded by trees and shrubs. Indeed, looking from any window on the campus, one cannot fail to be impressed by the surrounding Thattarkadavu river of green.

The College grounds with their rich and varied habitats will provide a valuable teaching resource for our own students. Visiting school children, university students and naturalists also can use the grounds. At every season of the year there will be grounds having a particular beauty. They are a very precious natural heritage for us to enjoy, to explore, to study and to hand on to future generations.