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College Library

Trikaripur Arts and Science College Library is the right hand of the college academic works.  The library has a collection of 1140 books which are kept in the library shelf. Newspapers, periodicals, magazines and scholarly journals are also made available to the readers. The library follows open access system and the books are well arranged department wise. The working hours of the library is from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm on all working days of the College. The library is well ventilated, lighted and aired to facilitate comfortable seating.

The members are eligible to borrow the number of books given against each category.


  1. Teaching Staff            :   5
  2. Students                    :   2
  3. Non- Teaching Staff     :   2


Each student will be issued 2 Library books at a time for a period of one week. A penalty of Rs.5/- per book per day will be levied if the books have not been returned or renewed during this period. The students who violate the library rules will forfeit the privilege of borrowing books from the Library.


Guidelines to the Users

1.Users of library have to keep their personal belongings in the property counter at the entrance.

2.Personal copies of books or other printed materials are not permitted inside the library.

3.Strict silence should be observed inside the library.

4.Books,journals,other documents, library materials etc. should be handled with utmost care. Students  are not supposed to write, deface, damage, mark or mutilate library materials. Such instances shall render the user liable to the payment of the full replacement cost of the material.

5.Users will have to produce identity card  at the time of issue of books.

6.Books are normally  issued for a fortnights period to the students. Period of loan is one month for Teaching Staff and Non-Teaching Staff.

7.An amount of Re.1/- per day per volume shall be collected for the late return of borrowed books.

8.Reference books ,journals –both loose and bound damaged or worn out books will not be issued to the users.

9.Users can  reserve those books which are borrowed by others.

10.One time renewal of books is allowed. For further renewals ,the books are to be presented physically in the library. Subsequent renewal request will be considered only in the absence of prior reservations against those books.

11.Users have to examine the books carefully and report damages if any to the staff on duty while borrowing .The borrower will be held responsible for any damage discovered subsequent to the issue of book to him.

12.If an issued book is lost or damaged ,the matter should be reported to the Librarian immediately. Borrower has to replace it with a new copy of the same edition/subsequent edition within the due date or has to pay the fine as per rules.

13. Books issued can be recalled at any time by the librarian in case an urgent demand for the same.

14. “Non-liability certificate” will be issued to a user ,only after the entire books  are returned and the dues ,if any, to the library are cleared.

15.Users  have to leave ten minutes before the closing hour of library.

16.All documents borrowed from the library by the members should be returned on or before the last working day the Academic Year or on the date fixed by the librarian.